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Neorah classic B5 Notebooks are a perfect best seller with their timeless style and simple design. Premium Leatherette Journal is beloved by writers, travellers, bujo artists and bullet journalists.

  • Features a durable WATER-RESISTANCE leatherette hardcover.
  • 208 pages, Rounded Corners, 100 gsm Acid-Free, Wood Free paper with Buttery Smooth finish for an exquisite experience to feel your pen glide.

✔️  LAY-FLAT DESIGN FOR EASE OF WRITING                 Our journal notebooks are designed and carefully handcrafted to LAY FLAT, making it convenient to reach that mid-space of your page.

✔️  SILK Blend Bookmark                                                   SILK-blend, textured, double color bookmarks long enough to pull it till the edge and open. Journaling, note-taking, travel journals, planner and bujo setups are more fun with Neorah journals.  We use Orange SILK headband and tail band on the spine for that extra reinforcement and sturdiness for your diary journal.

✔️  PAGE STYLE, STICKERS AND COLORS                      The Journal Diary is the perfect B5 size (250 mm x 175 mm) with a variety of page styles-Dot Grid, Lined, Plain, Square rulings.
  • Neorah Journal has a wide range of colours, making it an ideal gift for your friend or colleague with a particular color preference and specifically designed for all ages.
  • Practical usage of spine stickers and labels to make your journal more convenient for recording & archiving.

✔️  ELASTIC BAND + EXPANDABLE INNER POCKET    Premium Exquisite Journal comes with a Custom-made SILK LYCRA ELASTIC band with our signature Orange line woven into it that secures your belongings.

  • Expandable Back Pocket with custom made Fabric Gusset having a honeycomb texture matching the orange signature colour.
  • Ample space to hold your important cards, photos, and receipts.


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