B6 - Nourish - Wellness Journal - 120gsm - Sacramento Green

Rs. 399 Rs. 499

NOURISH your soul with NEORAH Wellness Journal - NOURISH

NOURISH ensures healthy practices and are a perfect partner to maintain your health and build a strong immune system.

  • It is a smart and very cute B6 journal just the right size to carry in your totes, handbags and office bags.
  • The wellness planner is compact and Smyth sewn with 112 pages to suit your lifestyle, diet, workout plans.
  • Eco-Friendly, wood-free, acid-free 120gsm paper is super smooth.
  • The Journal is completely artisan crafted, softbound with Italian 100% Vegan Leather inspired by the endangered Elephants.
  • The front cover simply says NOURISH to remind you to nourish your body, mind and soul each day. The product is undated.
  • It has classy round corners and a lay-flat design, with minimal branding at the back of the notebook.
  • The planner is designed with proven concepts of planning & implementing sufficient activities, workouts along with home-cooked meals. Because the best food is the food that you prepare for yourself, we have provided the Grocery list and shopping list microperforated to stock up your healthy food options and necessities.
  • Nutrition tracking can be easily added to the table for Carbs, Protein and Lipids; Also, there is space to update your vitals, blood sugar levels, weight, check-up results etc.
  • Weekly 3 to 4 times of workouts, Pilates, core, weight training, yoga/meditation and enough rest are easy to follow when you have them planned on your NOURISH.
  • You can also add trekking, trips, cheat meals and use stickers to praise your health accomplishments promptly.

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